Peter Schiff and Andrew Breitbart

Andrew had a lot of websites before he died. He was an editor at the Dredge Report and helped launch the Huffington Post, which was recently acquired by Aol.

Andrew Breitbart began his career as a liberal, but later on in his life, he adopted conservative principles. He was more of a “limousine liberal”.

When you have to pay for your own shoes and rent, you will quickly become a conservative. That’s why the founding fathers didn’t want anyone voting until they were 21. Back then, people started working at age 14 or so, so after a certain amount of time, people realize that they don’t want to pay so many taxes.

There are way too many liberals who control the media. Mainstream media and the Democratic party are in an alliance. Talk radio is the Right’s counterbalance to that. Nearly all Jews are liberal.

These people mostly want to feel good about themselves and appear generous, when they really aren’t. That is why they are in favor of the minimum wage, even though they won’t connect the dots and realize that the minimum wage means that young and poor people can’t get jobs.

Right now there is emerging a “Tea Party of Hollywood”. This is an underground conservative movement among actors and writers.

One of the reason that the conservatives are so vilified is that liberals actually believe that the programs they advocate are going to work. So when conservatives oppose those programs, they think that the conservatives are just being mean.

Liberals don’t look at the quality of the education ever since it was given to the government. It is the right who wants to give the children options to get out of these government schools, but the liberals want to trap more children in this low quality education system.

When somebody goes from the Right to the Left, it is suspicious, because that is not a natural evolution in political thinking.

2012 is going to be the most important election. It is time to get our country back and we need a 180 degree turn.

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