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Even though the price has doubled or quadrupled in the past few years, most analysts still don’t think that gold is a good investment. Instead, they look for every opportunity to say that it is in a bubble. However, it still remains one of the top Peter Schiff gold company recommendations.

People need to preserve the purchasing power of their dollar over time. Right now, more people are realizing that it is basically impossible to do this by finding a worthwhile yield anywhere. But we all have to wake up to the fact that rates will have to rise. The market will always win out these battles. This interest rate problem first showed up in the mortgage market. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. There is still a lot of ice that must come to the surface. By sticking with the Peter Schiff gold company, you will be able to preserve your wealth much more easily than normal folks.

This crisis is a consequence of the monetary and fiscal policies of the Federal Reserve. It’s actually been easier for the Peter Schiff gold company to make money during this crisis. So many people are wrong, so it is easy to position yourself correctly. We know what the final outcome will be, so we can invest in the right markets and get out of the bad markets. Most people haven’t woken up yet to this game.

Americans have been living beyond their means, and the Chinese have been living below their means. That is going to change. Americans won’t be able to afford to purchase the Chinese goods. This means that the price will drop. Once the price comes down, the Chinese will buy them. Their currency will be really strong compared to other currencies.

China gets the jobs, and we get the stuff. They work, but they don’t get any of the stuff that they are producing. But they would like to use the stuff just as much as we do. There is going to be a large drop of living standards in the United States. The rest of the world is letting us consume, and the rest of the world is enabling that. But it is all going to change. The question is how will Americans respond? Will they understand the sentiments of the founders and capitalism, or will they head toward even more government and tighter control of the economy.

Canada will have a strong currency in the future, but they are a relatively small player in the world economy. A few central banks are buying more Canadian dollars for their reserves. The Peter Schiff gold company is doing everything they can to position their clients appropriately.

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