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This is a pretty good video explaining the Peter Schiff net worth protection steps that you should take, no matter where you live. A lot of Canada’s future will depend on what the government did. They won’t be able to export as many goods as before, but they will probably earn more from each good. They will have a poor southern neighbor, but you don’t need a rich southern neighbor to be prosperous. The United States has had Mexico as their foreign neighbor for all these years and they did fine.

Governments are limited in what they can pay back. They can only pay back what the taxpayers can afford. As a community, Europe is in better shape than the United States. There will still be a great many bailouts. Every time they do another round of bailouts, they will try to promise everyone that this is the last time. But it won’t be. They’ll keep bailing everyone out for as long as they can.

The dollar is getting weaker against basically anything you would want to measure it against. Against gold, against cotton, or even against soybeans, it has fallen dramatically. The best Peter Schiff net worth protection recommendation would be to get out of the Dollar as much as you can.

Since the bailout of Greece, it has been obvious that you shouldn’t invest nearly as much there. Instead, focus on the productive Asian countries.

Right now, it’s easy to get credit if you are a banker. But it’s not as accessible to an entrepreneur who may want to start a business. In the future, we may see the market redirecting resources towards more productive entrepreneurs. But the resources must come from underconsumption. If it just comes from a printing press, then it is just inflation, not growth, and not good for the Peter Schiff net worth strategy.

The best currencies include the franc and the Norwegian currency. Gold and silver is preferable to any government currency. Gold and silver have always been money, but lately it just hasn’t been utilized. Instead we’ve been relying on money substitutes.

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