Peter Schiff – Public Enemy #1

The Fed is not going to create another housing bubble, but there is most certainly a bubble on the horizon.

In his speech this morning, Bernanke talked about unemployment. But that is because interest rates are too low. The economy needs to restructure.

The Fed didn’t ask the banks to stress test a drop in bond prices. But that is what is coming.

Bernanke is trying to prevent housing prices from falling.

The equity markets are rising because of inflation. Gold prices were up big today. The stock market is going up.

Ben Bernanke is public enemy #1. The sooner we can remove him from office, the better off we will all be.

The Fed is creating more damage now than they did during the housing bubble. The minute the fed raises interest rates, the banks are going to fail and the phony economy is going to come toppling down.

The Fed wants to postpone the day of reckoning until after the next election, but there is always another election coming up.

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